Bucks County Style Carved Frame

This P. H. Miller Studio frame was inspired by the 20th century American artists and frame makers, Frederick Harer and Bernard Badura from New Hope, PA. This frame is one of a collection of frames created and made by Peter Miller at the P. H. Miller Studio. Other examples of the Studio Frames can be viewed here and at my website. This frame, whether for an original painting or to be used as a mirror frame is made to order in practically any size. It's features include a 3 3/4" wide profile, hand carving, punch work, water gilding and toning to create a soft slightly aged patina The frame as shown is water gilded with 22 karat gold leaf over red and yellow bole. The studio frame number for this frame is BC-334-A-22. As shown the price for this Studio Frame is $185 per foot. The width of this profile can be increased by an inside extension or liner finished to match the frame. We would be happy to quote a price for an extension liner if required.

Each studio frame can be made as shown or modifed for gold leaf selection, carving detail or degree of toning.

It is very important that accurate dimensions are provided when making frames for artwork that remain in the care of the owner. We will make every effort to be certain that accuracy of information is received prior to beginning a project.
P.H. Miller Studio prides itself on both the quality of their work and the service they provide to their customers. Because of the custom nature of our work, we cannot provide refunds, but our clients' satisfication is guaranteed. If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the result of a P.H. Miller Studio frame, we will happy to address any potential issues individually and work to remedy the situation with a replacement or adjustment to the product. NOTE: Issues due to size, as provided by the client, can be adjusted, but adjustments will incur a cost.

Dimensions: This frame can be ordered in any size from 12" x 16" to 36" x 48". The molding width is 3 3/4".
All frames can be prepared for either vertical or horizontal installation.

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