Buddha & Bird Wall Hanging Plaque

Buddha & Bird Wall Hanging Plaque - AWAKEN - HandMade, Hand Carved Inspirational Buddha Loves Birdie Fine Art, Real Gold Spiral Leaf Design


become conscious

The literal translation of the word "Buddha" is: To Wake Up or To Be Awakened.
I created this Wall Hanging with that in mind and to be an Inspiration, for a quiet time, or perhaps a busy one, to remind oneself to Breathe and remember the Peace and the Positive that resides deep within and Awaken to ALL the Possibilities inside of us.

~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~BUDDHA & BIRDIE PARTICULARS~*▲~*♥*~▲~*♥•*~
I have titled this piece: "Buddha Loves Birdie" and I have attached a Recycled Copper Wire to the back for Hanging {you can see the little "swirly buttons" of wire on the top left and right of the Plaque}. The Plaque is about 11" long and 10" wide and is titled, signed and dated on the back by yours truly in black glaze.

This beautiful tile wall hanging is made from rolled out stoneware clay that was torn to create a more organic edge and presence for the clay "canvas". I then "drew" the face of the Buddha with a tool, carving it into the clay itself along with the Birdie and the "undulating" Background. The spirals in the Buddha's Headpiece were first impressed in another rolled out slab of clay with my handmade stamp, then I cut them out and attached them, so they extend out from the clay hanging (see last thumbnail photo for detail).

I have applied Black and Iron Stains to the bisqued clay, then rubbed them off here and there to give the piece a rustic look and also added a few Glaze Colors to accent the Design. It was fired for a Second time in my Kiln for durability and strength. After this was done I carefully applied REAL GOLD LEAF to each of the spirals on the Headpiece to create a Dynamic and Ancient look to this wondrous Wall Hanging.

*´♥*~Please ♥NOTE♥ that this Beautiful Clay Art is for INDOOR Hanging ONLY due to the nature of the Gold Leaf decoration.

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