Built-In Cabinetry For Home-China-Display-Library

Cabinetry for home-china hutches-displays-library's are often found in a dining room or a room within the residential space near by, part of a home office or home library that shows well. Richer hardwoods such as cherry wood, mahogany & walnur with deeper more complex finishes are often requested. We have the design experience to make the 'displayed items of interest' to be shown to their best. Also, specialized lighting to properly showcase every item, in their best light! Architectural details in woodworking that harmonizes in various stylings in various european, transitional, traditiona and contempory theme-lines. We often use specialty laminated glass in shelves for strength & tempered glass in our doors for safety. Lighting is selected in the correct temperature band and well established replacement bulb brand names.

Dimensions: NA

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