Burlap Sack Kitchenware Collection

This kitchenware collection was created and designed by me, at a time when I was thinking of going green in my home. I was looking for something that said "organic" and out of that thought, the Burlap Sack came to mind.
What more natural than having something around the kitchen to hold different things in, it is made of clay, which is an organic material... left unglazed, so you can see and feel the clay... and it is shaped to resemble a burlap sack tossed opened onto the counter... as if I had gone to an old farmer's market to get my grocery shopping done.

Each item is made out of a buff stoneware clay and thrown on the wheel...They are then altered to create the bulkiness and the wrinkles of a sack that is either full or half full, and the look of a sack that has been tied together with a string, in this case I use a leather strap. They also have some scratches in random places to create a feeling of an old sack that perhaps is starting to get weak and is beginning to tear. Most of them, like the herb and spice jars also have a label that hangs from the leather strap to identify their contents. These labels are also made out of the same clay and stamped with their appropriate name.

On the outside, after the first firing, they are left unglazed but treated with a wash to emphasize the design and to give it depth. While most of them are glazed on the inside with a clear glaze, some.. like the salt and pepper cellars... are left unglazed on the inside also. I do this so that they can absorb the humidity, keeping your salt and pepper fresh. They are then fired again to a temperature ranging 2200º F - 2300º F.

To finish each piece, I run the leather strap through the holes and select the right size cork to ensure a tight seal.

This collection is constantly growing. If there is something you would like made in this design that is not currently being shown, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dimensions: Canister sizes are made to your specifications.
Salt and Pepper Cellars have a 8 ounce capacity and they are approximately 4" wide x 3 1/2" high x 3 1/2" deep each.
Herb jars hold approx. 2 ounces.
Please contact me for more details on measurements.

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