This butsudan is hand made with care and reverence for the trees it came from and the practice it is intended for.

It is made of spalted alder from a dead tree that fell 2 winters ago on deer creek in Springville. The door panels, top and base are made from a California Sycamore branch that fell on the Tule River during a storm just a couple of miles from where the alder grew. The interior is made from reclaimed Giant Sequoia that was milled over a generation ago and forgotten in a barn in Springville, CA.

The lotus is hand made from reclaimed manzanita, walnut and spalted Joshua Tree - the Joshua Tree comes from a base I found in a pile of debris at a highway pullout in the Mojave.

We offer wood that few others use because we find and mill much of it ourselves from reclaimed, naturally fallen and sustainably harvested trees. Each butsudan is built using a combination of modern and traditional tools and techniques to create a piece that will stand the test of generations.

Each unit comes with warm and efficient lighting
Battery powered lighting is also available
We use high quality, elegant hinges

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