"Butterfly Clover," An Art-Glass Desk Lamp

An adaptation of Craftsman Design (with some artistic license) with a theme of butterflies and clover, inspired by the same scene in the artist's backyard. Can you find the one four-leaf clover in the design?

The base is crafted of African mahogany, Hawaiian Koa, and African Wenge, a wood that is almost black in color. The Wenge was used for the accent pieces. The interior and structural parts are all Robusta eucalyptus, chosen for its strength and durability.

This visually interesting design has no square corners, no parallel sides, and the shade is tipped slightly down toward the front. The green glass is a no-longer-produced specialty glass very similar to that used by Tiffany for its amazing ability to disperse light.

This is a desk lamp, intended to be placed at desk height.

As with most of my pieces, the price variance reflects the complexity of the glass design. For example, a fairly simple "Craftsman Era" design would be at the low end of the variance.

Dimensions: Approximately 14" high, and the top (shade) is 18" x 14" wide.

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