C3: Cumulus Cube Cloud | Modern 3d Wall Sculpture Installation

You'll never want to get your head out of the clouds when in the presence of this light, airy and inspiring 3-dimensional cube sculpture. The artist gets his inspiration from cumulus clouds which are the symbol for all clouds—fluffy, rounded and puffy brilliant white with darker dramatic dimensional tones and underlinings. The very essence of this highly customizable art installation provides idealistic, uplifting inspiration to any environment.

C3 consists of clusters of solid and lightly textured, highly polished cubes of various coordinated colors and sizes. The cubes are arranged to work together in a vertical or horizontal compositional environment, breezing its way around windows, corners, doorways and even furniture if needed. It can fit anywhere you want a lot of uplifting and inspiring movement.

Designing the cloud—this carefree and open looking installation is quite technical in the way it's created. The artist digitally designs the piece to scale on computer to fit any size and shape environment. Each one of the cubes is methodically planned and formulated for correct size and positioning, and then arranged accordingly to guide the flow of the viewer's eye as it travels through the piece. The installation also takes advantage of any negative wall space as part of its composition.

Cloud sourcing—consider letting the artist create the perfect C3 of your own, unique to you and your space. One of a kind arrangements, colors and textures can personalize the piece to specifically reflect your taste and the mood you are trying to achieve for each individual space.

Contact Michael to create your custom piece. The artist will work with you on color palette selection and display preference perfect for your space. C3 is easy to install. Detailed instructions and a to-scale blueprint is included with the shipment. Simply tape the blueprint to the correct location on the wall based on provided measurements and place each cube into its corresponding numbered position. Remove the template and enjoy your art. Or, you can arrange for on-site installation by the artist.

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