Canes And Walking Sticks

Here is an assortment of the types of canes and walking sticks that we produce. Our walking sticks and staffs and are hand crafted from a variety of reclaimed/recycled wood species from throughout the country, but we strive to use the invasive, exotic species found here in Southwest Florida, (i.e. melaleuca and Brazilian pepper). These two woods are strong and sturdy as well as beautiful........and make excellent walking sticks, staffs and canes. From the Northland, we purchase sticks cut from the Bebb Willow tree which produces a beautiful stick called Diamond Willow, with even more beautiful "diamond" shape markings. These sticks are some of the most beautiful, most popular and most "in-demand" sticks on the market.
All of our sticks are hand-picked, cut, dried for at least 3 months, then selectively hand-peeled leaving some of the bark and inner bark to create beauty and interest. If the sticks are to be carved, painted, decorated or woodburned, this is when it happens. All of our sticks are then signed and dated so you know you have an original Edswood Design product. Now the finish is applied using four coats of finish, sanded between each coat. We use a variety of different finishes depending on the type of wood and end use, but for most sticks we use a satin urethane spar varnish or a hand rubbed, satin finish tung oil. Both of these finishes bring out the grain in the wood to add beauty, have a nice feel, and provide excellent protection against the elements.

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