Cannon Carrige Restoration

he first resident cannon the Monmouth Battlefield State Park Museum, this reproduction French four-pounder was donated through the Friends of Monmouth in dire need of attention. Artisans provided services to reproduce a new cannon trail section to replace the existing rotted piece. The wheels and axle remained intact; the metal hardware was stripped and refinished. This artillery piece does not represent a truly accurate reproduction, but it's functionally accurate and will serve the museum staff as for artillery demonstrations. The restoration was completed correlating with the 225th anniversary of the battle of Monmouth, one of the largest artillery battles of the revolution.

Our research for this restoration uncovered the fact that there are very few shops willing to take on cannon restorations, and those that will seem to work exclusively on pieces previously manufactured in their shops. We were very pleased to provide our skills towards this project, and assist in the preservation of history and in educating the patrons of the battlefield museum.

Restoration of this nature are accepted case-by-case - please contact us to discuss your specific project.

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