Cantilever Console Table

A natural variant of our popular Canilever Side table, this table steps away from the traditional ideas most people have of what a table is and should be.

Sculpted with the intention of making an item that is as much a joy to build as it is a joy to own, this item is inherently by design intended to be 100% unique, no matter how many times it is made.

This table throws out the rule book and takes the basic principles of Physics, Engineering and Furniture design to make an extraordinary item that is unlike any other table. A true expression of what furniture can be, not simply the 'me too' design mentality that is seen in so many other furniture pieces. Each viewer tends to interpert this item differently, some love it, some hate it, but there is always a lively conversation to be had about the style and design approach.

Dimensions: 32 tall, 15 deep and 48 wide

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