Carvings On A Log Cabin In California Mountains

When having a mountain cabin built the owner had the logs left long and commissioned me to carve critters and figures into the cabin inside and out.
Inside :
Gunfight in the stairwell, with an added on arm and gun. The paint is an oil color wash to appear like watercolor.

Not pictured inside: icard game, a portrait of "Ishi" done like a 12th century Icon using gold leaf, portrait of Charles Darwin, figures sitting around the campfire with rising smoke, and a horse's head.

Tarantula spider, 48 inches long, frog 60 inches long, lizard with additional arm,
Not pictured outside: Skunk, rabbit, lizard bench, and a portrait of a Great Dane

We chose images to depict and picked out what would go where. Mostly it was carving away from the existing logs but as in the Gunfight, lizard and tarantula spider parts were added back. I used a combination of oil paints and oil based sign paint which is the most resistant to UV light. Gold leaf, 24 ct, was used in the background of the Ishi icon.

I worked on this, staying in the cabin one month each year over three years.

The intended use was for the enjoyment of art in an unexpected place. The big surprise was visceral shock some women had when seeing the spider. It greeted visitors when they approached the cabin and even though it was obviously painted wood some had a strong reaction.

The style is painted carved wood.

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