Cedar Hot Tubs

We only build Cedar tubs and are committed to building the very best. All of our tubs are available in a traditional format with natural Cedar surfaces on both the interior and exterior of the tub.

Delivering on our quality promise requires starting with the finest materials. We buy clear Cedar lumber that is sawn, dried, and stress-relieved to our specifications, from select sources on both coasts. Our tensioning band assemblies are fabricated from either Stainless Steel, Copper or Bronze and all of the fasteners used to assemble our tubs are marine grade Stainless Steel. System components for our electric, gas and oil-fired tubs are provided by Hydroquip and Raypak; each of these companies is an old-line manufacturer of high quality pool and spa equipment and each has an excellent national product support system in place. We utilize a state of the art CAD/CAM system to develop the geometry for our tubs and to transfer that geometry to the woodworking machinery used to machine our wooden tub components, assuring precise fits at assembly. Our craftsmen painstakingly transform these materials and components into finished tubs; their trained eyes and hands artfully mix grain patterns and arrange color variations to combine the natural beauty of Cedar with the elegance of fine wood joinery and precision metalwork to complete our understated classic designs. All of our natural Cedar Tubs are available fully assembled and factory finished.

In addition to our Natural Cedar Tubs, we also offer Tubs that are constructed utilizing a composite cold-moulding process. This process has been practiced and perfected during the last several decades by custom yacht manufacturers and involves the use of specially formulated epoxies and multiple layers and types of fiberglass cloth to assemble and then encapsulate a wooden structure (tub). The resulting composite structure gains strength from the process, is not affected by chemicals, and is totally waterproof. Best of all the encapsulation is completely transparent allowing an unimpeded view of the underlying wood grain and its coloration, as well as fine joinery and construction details. Our standard cold-moulded offerings reflect the styling and materials of our traditional designs. We do offer, on a custom basis, untraditional wood selections, foam cored high "R" factor laminates which we construct for superior heat retention, and Tubs constructed in unusual shapes. The combination of natural and man-made materials, inherent in the cold-moulding process, makes some very beautiful and interesting projects possible; we are expanding our offerings in this area all the time. A cold-moulded Tub affords it's owner the warmth and beauty of a meticulously finished wooden Tub, but with the convenience of modern materials. The process is exacting, however, and cold-moulded Tubs must be finished at the factory .

We currently offer three standard tub lines; Wood-fired Tubs, Conventional Tubs and Spas and Exercise Tubs. They are all available in a variety of sizes and with features to enrich any lifestyle. Regardless of the size or model, or the features that you select, each tub we build is assembled to the same exacting standards.

Maine Cedar Hot Tubs are ideal for country homes, camps, mountain and lake retreats, or the backyard. The inherent beauty of cedar and the elegance of precision joinery combine in the execution of our understated traditional design.

Dimensions: The tubs are available in nominal diameters of 5' through 8' and to any depth that the customer desires.

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