Cedar Slab Over Concrete Chess Tables

Cedar made a subtle backdrop to the exotic wood game boards we have been crafting. The game boards are Swiss Pear, Leopard Wood, and Ebony secured to a 3/4" plywood substrate which is inset into the slab. The game board surface is at least 1/8" thick remaining so it's a solid surface NOT a cheap laminate.

It should last generations and be able to be refinished and withstand a good solid 100 years of play. The plywood stabilized the slab in addition to the insertion of a few walnut chunks in various large cracks. Why walnut – well cause I had the scraps no real other reason.

The undercarriage is a 12"x12" 1/8" steel plate bolted to the concrete pyramid and lag bolted into the cedar slab. We cast studs into the concrete to allow easy fixing of the mounting plate. The pyramid style was chosen for stability, to match the shape of the game boards, and because it is easy to cast and provides four distinct visual displays of the unique concrete medium. It's also a heavy base providing a very solid foundation for the table.

Custom configurations are available in any combination of materials for the game board, tabletop, and base.

Concrete bases are available in an array of colors with inclusions ranging from rock, marble, metal, glass, tile, etc. We can also incorporate metal or wood bases.

Dimensions: Custom per commission

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