Celtic And Viking Torcs

Neck Torcs where first worn in Greece around the 7th century B.C. They were then taken north and adopted by the Celts, Vikings an then even the Romans! They where worn by Warriors and Chieftains as a symbol of their strength and skill.
These pieces are made of solid brass with 2 - 1 inch etched brass finial. I make lots of different twists including my multiple strand counter twist. As far as I have found I am the only one in the world who does the counter twist in multiple strands.
The torcs can be done without the finials and may be able to be done in other metals including steel. The ends of the brass multiple strand pieces can be brazed, as in the ones shown and custom finials can be made.
I have hundreds of patterns I can etch into the finials and can also etch from your design. The process I use for the 1" finial etch allows the acid to pit the metal a little through the resist making them look older or like they were dug up from the ground.

Dimensions: Can be made for your neck size.

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