Celtic Men’S Ring With Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

This ring represents a classic look for me which I have used for over twenty years. A solid sterling silver ring with triangular insets on each flank of the ring with an inlaid stone on top. A simple description which belies the complexity of composition going into each piece. Each ring has the squared shank to secure the ring on the hand of the wearer. Each ring has the inset celtic pattern on the flank to help frame the stone inlay and to give the design some gravitas. Each ring has the finish provided by a magnetic tumbler. This ring is a size 10, weighs 16 grams and is inset with an honest-to-God Fossilized Dinosaur Bone. The dimension of the circular dinosaur bone inlay is 12 mm. Did I mention that this ring is inset with a real dinosaur bone? I can't believe how cool that is! Yes, there are little pits in the stone. Lapidary can be a difficult craft in that everything looks great until you remove the excess material only to find something like this. Then I think, "This is dinosaur bone for God's sake!" The overall dimensions are 16 ½ mm across the top of the ring and 4 ½ mm across at the shank. I can make this same style ring in any metal in any size with many different inlayed stones. Please inquire as to possibilities.

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