Chainsaw Carvings - Birds

Birds make outstanding features for carving, standing alone, perched in pairs, an eagle with wings spread in flight or a pelican swallowing prey.

Options for patriotic symbols, a classic bald eagle and red white and blue shield. Eagles with banners and messages, alone or affixed to signs, displays, or perhaps a rooftop.

Birds of prey and raptors extend to include hawks, falcons, owls, and cranes. Hunting and fishing - poised in natural potions active or stationary. Examples include fully painted specimens as well as natural stained finishes, and the more rustic unfinished/unpainted appearance.

Don't forget owls make a great garden ornament, and they ward off crows and small birds, rabbits, and squirrels that may otherwise feed on your valuable seeds and crops.

Dimensions: All pieces by commission to custom specifications

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