Chainsaw Carvings - Figures

"The figure stands expressionless, impassive, and alone." well ... not really these characters each have a unique poise, expression, demeanor, even a personality. A lifelike addition to any landscape, a freestanding sculpture as unique as the imagination can fathom. (Oh and yes ... for those pondering we did just quote Judas Priest.)

ased upon the 1903 Victor Herbert operetta, "Babes in Toyland" is clearly one of Laurel and Hardy's most popular films. This commission is a life size rendition of the toy soldiers portrayed in this classic film.This commission required the combined efforts of Bob Eigenrauch and Stan Saperstein to create a figure from kiln dried poplar for indoor display.The ruff work was completed by Bob, creating a full size blank. Stan picked up the process to carve in the detail using both power carvings and hand carving techniques.

Our Babe's soldier is one of many figure carving examples shown in this CustomMade gallery

Chainsaw carvings are available by commission - Artisans is now featuring a full gallery of chainsaw carvings, featuring Bob Eigenrauch as the primary artist.Galleries include Figures, Wildlife, Fish, Horses, Birds, Totems & Tikis, Signs, and Mailboxes.Artisans will be accepting commissions for carvings similar to those shown in our galleries, as well as unique and original commissions.

Dimensions: All commissions are created to custom specifications

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