Chaos And Order/ After The Flood (2008)

Chaos and Order/ After the Flood
Sanct Peter auf dem Berg
Bleidenstadt, Germany

The square below is the earth. It is very beautiful, hurtling through space, smashing against meteors. The people on it do the same; we run around making senseless wars, being selfish, trying to get more money and power so we can feel safe and happy.

The circle above represents the Divine Trinity. It is a geometric perfection- an "Order" to which people, (especially Germans!), aspire. The border is the connection, or path, between earth and Heaven. The red zig-zag is the path itself, with many twists and turns through life, and the clear prisms are like little stairsteps on the path, fired by the sun and splitting its light into colors of the rainbow. The sun's light always has these rainbow colors in it, but we need the prisms to see them. So God's love and light surrounds us but often we cannot see it without the help of something unexpected like a prism.

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