"Chardonnay," An Art-Glass Table Lamp

This piece was inspired by the hundreds of beautiful vineyards along most of the country roads here in California's beautiful Sonoma County. Most vineyard-inspired art-glass designs I see is with purple grapes, so I decided to try something different.

The case is crafted of African Mahogany and local oak. The two woods afford a lovely contrast to each other and a proper glow to compliment the colors in the glass. The lamp is intended to be placed at table or buffet height and against a wall. It uses two 14-watt compact fluorescent lamps so it remains cool to the touch and consumes very little power. The wood is finished in multiple coats of hand-rubbed lacquer.

This Series of about six lamps is the only departure I have made from my promise to never produce the same piece twice. In this Series, the basic design of the case is similar, but not identical, in all of the lamps. I did this in an effort to reduce the number of hours spent in the design and execution of the many individual pieces that go into each lamp, thereby being able to offer them for sale at more affordable prices. The glass art is still completely unique to each lamp and is never the same twice. The bases are also unique to each lamp, although similar enough to allow the each to share many pieces of the basic structure.

Dimensions: Approximately 18" high, 19" wide and 5" deep.

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