Cherry Ellipse Table

Material: Cherry
Finish: Antique cherry dye, Waterlox

A few years ago I was sorting through cherry boards for a cabinet project when I came upon two nearly identical ones with a spectacular pattern of concentric arcs. They were far too exotic for that job,but,joined center-to-center bookmatch fashion, the ellipse that their figure made practically demanded to be cut into an elliptical form. Only recently, however, did I have a reason to make a base for it.The two crossed leg sets I made to complement the top's curve are laminated from multiple thin strips of cherry glued up in a large mold. When they were set I used a router, draw knife, rasps and sanders to sculpt a kind of running shape reminiscent of the deer I see out my shop windows. I dyed the whole piece a rich dark antique cherry, then to show the wood's figure I sanded the dye completely off the horizontal surface,leaving a crisp dark band that further defined the shape,finishing off with six coats of Waterlox.

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