Children's Wood Jigsaw Puzzles

As Seen at the Smithsonian American Art Museum Renwick Gallery's Gift Store. Educational, fun, and functioning as concentration tools decorative, functional art
One customer, on entering our booth, exclaimed, "Look, art pieces for children!" Although many buy our puzzles for children, others buy more intricate ones strictly for themselves.

Engrossing Challenge
These are challenging puzzles for a child of about 4-6 Puzzles are an excellent tool to help hyperactive children learn to concentrate. They are also good models for drawing. You can order our drawing video at our website. These are an extremely useful tool for motivational issues. Reward your children with something that is good for them. Many reading disabilities and behavior problems have been solved by offering a puzzle-working session as a reward for students. I have never seen it fail: Puzzles are magical for children.

Cute Fish 5X7 $22
Cute Lion 7X7 $22
Butterfly 9X9 $32
Grey Whale 4X11 $38
Cute Whale 7X8 $36
Stegasaurus 6X11 $28
Puppy 6X8 $32
Cute Fish #2 6X6 $18
Rhino 5X9 $22
Brontosaurus 7X9 $32
Triceratops 4X10 $38
T- Rex 5X10 $40
Car 4X10 $42
Clown 8X6 $62
Truck 4X10 $40

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