Circular Accent Table

This handcrafted steel console will draw endless compliments from your visitors. Feature in your entry, apart from other furniture in your living room, parlor, or sitting room, at the end of a hallway, or on a stairway landing. Near the door, place on it a small vessel for pocket items. Or, in your entry and elsewhere, botanicals of any color or season will coordinate perfectly. Or complement with an objets d'art: Scandinavian silver, Japanese marble, or other clean-lined décor.

The tabletop detail shows the scarred steel finish on this table's distinctive double top. This is reclaimed steel; every top will be different.

The graceful arcs in my tables and custom furniture are all bent by hand. I begin with a bar of steel and a line drawn on paper. I put the steel in a vise and pull hard to bend it a tiny bit. Then I lay the steel on the paper, check my work, and plan the next bend. Each table requires hundreds and hundreds of bends. The tabletops are hand cut from steel plate and finished with hand-held sanding and polishing tools. I clean up the details with the same tiny files I use to finish jewelry.

This finished, burnished steel table is a piece of fine furniture you can show proudly in your home. Yet it is strong enough to hold a motorized scooter and tough enough to stand in the yard all winter. (Note: Table use as a scooter repair stand will mar the finish.)

Steel is the most-recycled material on the planet. About 2/3 of new steel is made from old steel, not from ore scraped out of the earth. If sustainability is important to you, steel should be one of your favorite materials.

Steel gets a bad rap for being industrial and common. It's actually a fascinating, beautiful material.

Steel is heavy! This table looks airy, but it weighs as much as your 10 year old. It's tougher though: Steel is harder than almost anything in your house except your engagement ring, and your windows (glass is harder than steel!).

Steel can take the heat. Steel melts at about 2500 degrees F. BUT, the electric arc I use to weld your table together is about 8,000 degrees F! Almost as hot as the sun! In my work, I see steel melt instantly and flow like water.

Like what you see? I also make sculpture using steel, bronze, silver, hardwoods, and other materials. Check my other listings.

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