Circular Bar

This bar is the central point of the home that it occupies. On it's door side is the kitchen. On each side is the dining room and living room. It faces the entry and a hall leading to the bedrooms. It is literally the hub of the house.
The position of this bar called for a totally different approach to bar layout. It's central axis supports different levels of lazy Susans. The lower levels provide easy access to items stored below. Above that, is a Susan that can be accessed from the work top, and above that is one that puts things in easy reach of guests. This axis is also a column that supports glass shelves that are under-lit, illuminating the glasses stored on them, as well as a Tiffany style shade. If you look closely you can see light under the top Susan; it is activated by a motion detector whenever the Susans are turned.

Dimensions: The bar top is 42" high. All dimensions vary according to your needs.

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