"Climbing 40" Jeep Rubicon Cake

Happy 40th Birthday! Here, the gentleman was turning 40, and his wife wanted to make it really memorable. He is in love with his white Jeep Rubicon, and has zillions of photos of him scaling sheer red-rock walls in his darling beast, the "Stormtrooper". The challenge was obvious! The Jeep is made of alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla pound cake with white buttercream and chocolate ganache filling. Both the Jeep and rocks are made of cake. This climbing Jeep was free-standing on a custom-built food-safe framework made to scale from Jeep Rubicon plans, all the way down to the fondant knobby tires. The rocks are covered with swirl red-rock fondant. Birthday Boy was absolutely, completely thrilled, and must have thanked his wife three dozen times within my hearing. Major Home Run for her! He told me he would never, ever, EVER forget "climbing' to his 40th!

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