Cloche-Style Women's Hat (Navy Blue)

This charming style invokes another era, the romance and allure of the Roaring Twenties. It is made on a unique, antique puzzle-block that I have been drawn to since my very first hat-making class. The brim folds under into the head opening instead of having a brim wire. This creates a much softer look than many other cloche-style hats. It is a perfect blend of sophistication and youthful creativity.

The hat is made of velour felt. The flower trim gives this hat a lot of dimension. It is hand-cut, hand-sewn, and the color combinations can vary greatly.

Currently, because of the nature of the type of block used to form this hat, I can only make it in one size, 23 inches. However, a head-size band is installed in all of these hats which will allow it to adjust to wear comfortably for sizes 22 and 22 1/2 inches. Other colors are also available for custom orders.

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