Cloud Paintings

Most are larger than 30x20, and prices range between $6000 and $15,000. Most of these are on canvas, many are in private collections. You will need to contact the artist, if you are interested in any paintings as they are shown here, to see if it is still available.

Most paintings were done in the studio, using multiple references, sometimes up to 3 or 4, to create the compositions that you see here.

Should you like any of these paintings that are already sold, let me know, send me samples of the colors you are needing for that special room, the size you want...and I will create a painting to your requirements.

Whatever your required size or color needs are, for home, office, church, or business place...especially great for tall vaulted spaces, since the height can be 4 or 5 times the measurement of the width.

A small creation will be created to get approval of design and energy, where any fine adjustments can be made, prior to the finished "mural size" painting,

In your choices of color, you can be the final deciding factor in this, or leave it to the artist...that can all be worked out. If you have specific needs, and have fabric samples where the painting will be displayed, send the artist samples of these fabrics, and she will use the colors, in the creation of the painting you have ordered!

AND if you have a special location, that is an all time favorite, if you fly the artist there, she will do multiple paintings on location, with your needs in mind... come back to the studio, using these as reference, and create the color and size you are wanting.

She will also create a smaller version, first, to be sure that what she is going to create into the mural size you are wanting, is satisfactory to your every wish!

Dimensions: UPON REQUEST

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