Collection Landry - Hemingway

Hemingway Limited Edition Clock made by Andre Landry.

Item Number: CL-301H
Manufacturer: Landry

MSRP: $19590.00
Our Price: $9,590.00

This clock is built from the finest selections of mahogany and cherry wood. Andre spent over twelve years researching the preparation of the wood that is used in each of their clocks. Ingeniously assembled and glued, every piece is a transformation of raw materials into both machine and art. Resistant to humidity and dryness, each part is designed to stand the test of time. You could add a cigar humidor or wine rack in the base of the clock.

This spectacular clock features hand carved support posts and face, it would be the centre attraction in your home, a grand hotel, office, or restaurant. All mechanisms were made using cherry wood.

The weights drop all the way to the floor through the carved columns and down through the cabinet.

The gears are even made of wood.

Shipping is estimated in the price.

Dimensions: 90" (229 cm) H, 42" (107 cm) W, 24" (61 cm) D

Dimensions: 90" (229 cm) H, 42" (107 cm) W, 24" (61 cm) D

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