Colorful Abstract Paintings

These colorful abstract paintings were made in an interesting way, and are very much a product of new technology.

Using a touchscreen app on my iPad, I made the original painting. You have so much control over the color selection- and with the ability to "undo" a mark that you don't like, you end up with something much different than with traditional materials.

My next step involved using Photoshop, where I applied various distortion filters that would bend, stretch and twist the original the painting- very exciting results were achieved. At this point, my mindset is the same as the old Abstract Expressionist painter, except my tools are digital and the image is completely virtual!

So at this point, finished with the computer, I will project the image onto a smooth, wood painting panel and with pencil, transfer the abstract lines and shapes. I'll then use acrylic paint markers to apply smooth areas of brilliant colors. The resulting look is so clean and flat- it's like the opposite of Abstract Expressionism, more like Pop Art!

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