Commissioned Collages - Small Size

This is an example of small sized work that can be commissioned to fit a person's interests.

These photos are example of small collages on canvas created for sale to a general audience, but such collages can be made to order.

A buyer could commission a small piece, ranging from 2 inch by 2 inch to 5 inch by 7 inch, requesting a particular mood, suggesting favorite colors, patterns, motifs, interests, and so on. If desired, it can be a family heritage piece with the buyer supplying materials to be used. Otherwise, I would search for appropriate materials to be used in the work, either online or in my own stash of materials.

Very small pieces would come with a mini easel for display on a desk or shelf. Larger pieces (from 4 inch by 5 inch to 5 inch by 7 inch) would come wired to hang on a wall. These larger pieces are generally unframed with the collage extending over the sides of the piece. They can be with a regular canvas width (13/16 inch) or wide edge (1 1/2 inches).

Price and turnaround time depend on how much searching I need to do for materials.

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