Concealed Gun Case

Designed to hang on a wall and has hidden compartments to conceal a weapon, magazines, or whatever you choose. Simply take an exacto knife or something similar and cut out the foam you desire to make the proper fit and hang on a wall for a hidden piece of wall art! Prices depend on size and features. This particular type of case starts at 26" X 40" for $250. Can be custom sized to fit your weapon or preference.

There is also an option to build a smaller one that only conceals a handgun, and maybe a few magazines. Prices for small case start at $150.

There is a magnetic lock on the doors, simply take the magnetic key included and stick it to the latch and it unlocks allowing you to open the compartment.

***DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a gun safe. It is simply a concealment compartment that latches and unlatches using a magnetic key.

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