Concrete Coffee Cups

From Seattle, Washington, the city where DIY is as common as the rain, and coffee is both a fuel and a coping mechanism, we bring you Concrete Coffee Cups. Urban-inspired and traffic-tested, with tight-fitting lids molded from food-grade silicon, so your favorite beverage will stay in the cup, not on your lap.

Concrete Coffee Cups. Strong, Durable and Beautiful.

We create with concrete, the bones from which cities are made. Strong, durable, seamless, and born to insulate. But not just any concrete. We show off a little of Seattle's progressive edge by going "green" with an environmentally friendly water-based acrylic-infused cementious mix that is similar but superior to traditional concrete. We build in the art and individuality our city is known for by adding custom colors, finishes and patterns. The last step--filling up with your own choice of delicious beverage--we leave to you.

Concrete is an amazingly versatile medium, and I live for those moments when I discover new uses for my skills. I am always available to discuss custom work, ideas, projects or plans you may be considering, and am limited only by how far you want me to go.

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