Contemporary Tall Clock

Tall Clock with Circular Hood


When I designed and built this clock I knew it was a bold statement. The design borrows from the classical form in the raised copper leaf on the legs as well as the copper covered finials at the top of each leg. Despite the nod to the classical in certain elements, this is a contemporary statement.

The bold circular hood covered with copper leaf is eye catching and encloses the copper face of the clock. The design is further punctuated by the long pendulum which swings through the sides of the case. The pendulum action emphasizes the drama of the clock's mechanical movement.

The vertical middle section is suspended off of the legs allowing for an image of detachment. This case is backlit through copper leafed louvers and looks particularly dramatic at night. If you are seeking a distinctive statement you might want to consider Enspired.

Price $14,000 plus shipping and installation.

Dimensions: 88"T 24"W 14"D

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