Continuous Arm Chair

A truly American invention, this chair shows very elegantly the lengths to which wood can be steam bent-- in this case forming not only the back rail but also the arms as well. When joined with a shield seat and baluster turnings, the result is a spectacular example of the craft.

This piece, as do all my Windsors, has hand split (riven) piece that allows the grain to run from end to end. This allows the spindles and steam bent parts, all parts really, to be light and yet have great strength. All the turned parts (legs, arm posts) are done by myself. I am able to get better detail than could be achieved with purchased machine-made parts. The legs are tapered and wedged into the seat ensuring a joint in a chair that will last generations. The spindles of all my handcrafted Windsors are carefully draw-shaved which allows me to follow the grain, again allowing the piece to be think but very strong. All my Windsors are made entirely by hand, using only hand-tools.
Visit my official site to see a slide show that shows the time and work that goes into making a handcrafted Windsor chair.

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