Copy Cat Knitting/Crochet

Do you have a beloved sweater that you'd like duplicated? Perhaps you bought a piece of crochet or knitwear and you want another, but it was years ago and the store no longer carries it.

I can help! Think of me as a human copier for knitted and crocheted pieces. In the pictures, the original is on the left, and my copy is on the right. As long as you have an original piece, I can re-create it for you.

NOTE: Hand-knitted replications take a LOT of time and detail work. In addition to the knitting itself, I have to study your item, find suitable yarns, take measurements and create a pattern from scratch. This process often involves knitting something up to see if it works, and pulling it out again to start over. The extra care I take to ensure your piece is as close to the original as possible is reflected in the price.

Depending on their complexity, pieces can take up to three months to complete.

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