Craftsman Style Table Lamp

Cozy table lamp with a tapered wooden base housing a dimmer switch capable of powering two 60-watt candelabra bulbs (40-watt bulbs used in pictures). Wood is stained with six coats of lacquer . The shade is made with 112 interlocking origami units of translucent parchment paper bound with multiple layers of shoji paper and adhesive tinted with light-fast dyes. Surface embellishment with colored tissue paper intrinsic with shade, and 1/8" cotton chord embedded in the rim forming a durable heat- and water-resistant shade. The dramatic stone pedestal is made of a lightweight faux-pumice concrete (cement, Perlite, peat moss, sand) cast in a rounded pyramid shape with heavy-duty felt pads beneath to protect table surfaces. The shade is supported above the visible decorative arms with an epoxy-reinforced composite wood ring which protects the bulbs from touching the shade and lifts the shade off the ring with 7 nylon struts. Candelabra light sockets (UL approved, rated to 75 watts each) are securely lashed to central post with nylon twine and black insulated wire. Dimmer switch rated for 0 to 200 watts and powered by 6 foot brown power chord.

Pictures cannot do justice to the quality of light and appearance of this unique table lamp. The paper shade is an interesting sculptural art form with infinite variety of color density and matte surface texture variation. The glassy depth of the lacquer finish on the sculptured and naturally figured wood base is accentuated by the matte stone base and paper shade creating a pleasing balance in the whole presentation. The overall balance in the proportions of the shade, base and pedestal is derived from turn-of-the-century Tiffany lamps and Craftsman designs by Stickley or Frank Lloyd Wright. When illuminated, the appearance changes dramatically as dimmer switch is rotated and light penetrates layers of color & texture. The structure of the origami-folded, woven and layered paper lantern is remarkably strong because of the intrinsic geodesic skeleton and multiple laminations of shoji paper and flexible adhesive. The light from this lamp infuses the room with harmony, comfort, and tranquility.

Dimensions: 22" H, 16.5" diameter shade

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