Crocheted Purse Spring Light Green With Wood Handles,

OOAK Light Green, I don't usually say the word cute, but this one is. Durable handspun yarn from Border Leicester and Coopworth fleece, one of the yarns is blended with green Firestar for sparkle, single crochet stitch for a durable dense bag then fulled in the wash to shrink it and help it bloom. This makes something softer to the touch but also has a lovely halo. Th ebag is lined in a green silk/cotton with a coordinated zipper closure for security. Wood handles and a small corsage of Teeswater locks accented with a button give it a special accent.

7 X 9 ", lightweight but durable, easy to spot clean and could be gently handwashed if absolutely necessary due to soiling. Just under 8 ounces (220 grams).

I am very taken with this bag. It's big enough to use everyday if you are like me and carry a tote or briefcase, but it would be small enough to be unobtrusive if you were going out for the evening. All my bags are OOAK and will not be re-created. This was completely fabricated start to finish from raw materials as far as fleece, acid fast dyes, etc. It shows off the luster of long wools where durability is a plus and you are not looking for next to skin softness.

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