Curved Sliding Door

A large painted curved sliding interior door that cleverly covers the opening to a bathroom. The separate tracks define the path of the door, properly placing for its open or closed positions. Pocket doors on bathrooms are not a new phenomena; baths are often in a hall or other awkward locations, where having a door constantly open, or with a frustrating swing path, encourage a sliding door solution. In this instance made more challenging because the pocket didn't exist, and with increasing the bathroom size, the path of the door was no longer on the same plane as the original opening. The solution was to make a bypass door, that hangs outside the room, operating in the hallway; also to have the door curved, so that the curve increased the volume of the room when closed. The door path as it operates was determined by having separate tracks (mounted in the ceiling) for the leading and tail ends of the door, so that it both closed, and used minimal hall space when open.

Dimensions: about 8' tall 44" wide, with a curve of r 100" (2240x 1118, r 2540mm)

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