Custom Architectural Mermaid Bracket

This project was based on a client's affection for our B33 architectural bracket from our catalog line. However, he needed 2 brackets for his luxury boutique hotel in Dallas to be 7-feet tall. Our original plan was to do a 3-D scan of the existing bracket, scale it to the height he needed, and then carve it out of lightweight foam using a robotoic CNC machine. However, when scaled proportionately, the width ended up being way to much for the space. So, our artist re-designed the mermaid to make her narrower by moving her arms to her side among other things. There were several other changes along the way to include removing the upper shelf. This project is an excellent illustrations of our capability to virtually create any design and make it any size. You can follow the design iterations in the attached photos.

Dimensions: Approx. 7 ft. Tall x 2 Ft. Wide

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