Custom Barn Hamburg

This is a stick built barn. It is built as if it were a house. We framed, roofed, installed the windows, and wrapped the overhangs in this barn. The home owner sided and finished it. It has engineered I-Joists for the floor so there is no beam needed. The roof is stick built with rafters. The barn has four dormes on the roof. The roof is shingled with elk 30 year architectual shingles. The overhangs on the dormers and the main roof are angled. They are also wrapped with vynal soffits and aluminum fascia. The stairs and the inside are pine and are custom made by us. This project is used for a storarge barn, but could be easily made for a house if you like this style. I feel this shows what we do well and the time and precision we put into a project no matter if it is a barn or a custom home.

Dimensions: This building is 28' by 50'. A building can be any size that meets your needs and desires.

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