Custom Bbq Smoker Trailers

Our specialty at Artisan Grill and Smoker is building custom BBQ trailer rigs for all types of occasions ranging from backyard models to huge, dual axle 60+ sq ft units capable of feeding 500+ people in one cook. We offer total customization and our lead craftsman works with you personally, going over the entire trailer layout, providing build pictures as the smoker gets built.

We specialize in reverse flow wood fed only smokers but can do horizontal offset smokers, vertical smokers, UDSs, or a totally custom design that you have in mind (hybrid with or without propane assist).

We offer add-ons such as additional workspace tables, ball check drain valves for easy cleaning, optional roof/awning packages, door lifting assist mechanisms, T-bar door clamps, insulation inside the smoker/firebox and insulation on the door seals to keep heat & smoke loss at a minimum. We can custom build you chain link handles that never get warm to the touch, making operating the smoker easier.

We also build custom grills of all sizes and chicken cookers.

If you have questions or would like a price quote, let us know today!

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