Custom Built Cigar Box Guitar (Mini Guitar)

The one in the picture is Available NOW - see new listing

These mini guitars are hand made like a cigar box guitar with open tuning and 3 strings.
A lot of fun to play. Small and easy to carry around with a real jazz/country sound to it. The open tuning makes it easy to learn songs as by baring the frets makes power chords.
The units vary in length depending on scale. The one in the picture is 34" overall in length, 8" in width and 2" deep at the body. It has a 23" scale

I will be making a couple to stock, but would like to have you custom order so you get a one of a kind. You can pick out the type of wood for body and sound board, a box shape and scale length you would like.

The basic model will start at $225.00.
Extras will be:
-fret board inlays
-sound board inlays
The pictures above show a full blown unit with all the bells and whistles.
Inlays will have to be bid out depending on what material, how big.. etc.

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