Custom Ceramic Tile Panel: 12"X 60" Persian Floral Pot + Borders

Inspired by early Persian motifs, this Persian Floral Pot ceramic tile panel (12" x 60") is a William De Morgan (c 1880's) design adapted, hand painted, glazed and fired on an unglazed, buff colored stoneware tile. The surrounding Tulip & Carnation Border Tiles are also historic reproduction, floral motifs by Wm DeMorgan.

Additional molded tiles frame the inside and outside panels, to fill the height of the backsplash.

This Persian Floral Panel can installed in interiors or exteriors - kitchen backsplashes, tub or shower surrounds. The Tulip and Carnation Border can be used as an accent for a vanity, around a fireplace, in a kitchen backsplash, or in a tub or shower. The possibilities are endless!

Dimensions: Adaptable; the main Persian Floral Pot ceramic tile panel is 12" x 60"

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