Custom Ceramic Tile Panel: Persian Floral Pot + Borders

Inspired by early Persian motifs, the center Persian Floral Pot ceramic tile panel (18" x18") is a William DeMorgan design (c 1880's) adapted, glazed and fired on an unglazed, buff colored stoneware tile. The surrounding Tulip & Carnation Border tiles are also historic reproduction motifs by Wm DeMorgan.

Additional molded tiles frame the inside and outside panels and can be adapted to fit a variety of spaces.

This Persian Floral panel can installed in interiors or exteriors - kitchen backsplashes, tub or shower surrounds. The Tulip and Carnation Border can be used as an accent for a vanity, around a fireplace, in a kitchen backsplash, or in a tub or shower. The possibilities are endless!

Dimensions: adaptable; Persian Floral Pot Panel is 18" x18"

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