Custom Design/Build Lakeside Cottage Whole House Remodeling Project

This very comfortable contemporary lakeside second home wasn't always so. It started out as a 1940's "A-Frame" which was originally built on top of not so stable 55 gallon drums. An addition was added in 1950. It eventually fell off the drums at which time the current owners purchased the distressed property.

The new owners had the building reset on top of a newly poured concrete foundation but, without a slab or drain tile. The framing was not up to code and drain tile and a concrete slab would be required before new construction could begin.

The existing floor and many of the floor joists had to be removed to accommodate the installation of interior drain tile and a concrete slab. When crawl space work was completed new code compliant floor joists had to be installed as well as additional roof rafters. After new plumbing, heating and wiring were installed the entire envelop was insulated with Corbond Spray Foam.

The initial project was to make the 1st floor "livable". But, as the design evolved it became a whole lot more. It even grew into the 2nd floor with two bedrooms. The project received national acclaim with a Chrysalis Design Award and a feature article in a national trade publication.

Dimensions: 900 square feet

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