Custom Duplicated Dessert Plate

This custom order was originally just to engrave a plate with the words "Do you merry me!" after receiving a picture of the original plate that was used to propose with it was decided that duplicating the plate would be amazing.

A form was built up from clay and plaster to be the same approximate size and shape of the plate determined solely from the provided picture using some image processing techniques. Once formed a slab of clay was smoothed over the form until dry enough to flip right side up. The stoneware plate was then smoothed and painted with porcelain slip in order to get the same white color from the picture.

The words were then slip decorated using a ketchup bottle filled with brown dyed stoneware slip to closely resemble that of chocolate sauce writing on the plate. After bisque firing, the plate was dipped in clear glaze and fired again.

The plate was given as an anniversary and Christmas gift from the wife to the Husband as a surprise. It is food, oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. A recipe was also provided to recreate the dessert served in the picture.

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