Custom Embellished Mandala Rocks By Julie Ann Stricklin

One of a kind Embellished mandala beach rocks by artist/illustrator Julie Ann Stricklin.
A collection of mandala rocks are a beautiful gift, a natural curiosity, lovely center piece for weddings, dinner parties, waiting rooms, spas, meditation rooms, gardens and ideal parting gifts for friends.
Custom mandalas can be created using rocks from artists collection or your special spot. Embellished, dated, a possible song lyric, poem or vow can make an unusual keep sake to last.
I started my mandala rocks as a personal morning meditation of free flow patterns. Each pocket size rock I painted was left on a friends door step, yoga mat, mail box and even mailed. Some larger rocks have been used in gardens, as grave markers and even front door messages. (My large door mandala message asks for quiet in hopes nobody will knock on the door…I find solicitors leave information without knocking.
I have painted tiny mandalas that were held during a wedding ceremony then taken on the honeymoon as a reminder of the day and to absorb the energy from the first days of marriage. A keep sake to last.
I have even heard that friends were laid to rest with a mandala rock as a parting gift from family.
If you are a people watcher, leave a rock behind for treasure seekers to can watch as it brightens their day! Leave one for a friend as a quiet gift. It will brighten their spirits.
I enjoy my meditative mandala practice because it offers me the time I need for reflection and produces a beautiful, one of a kind gift to last.

Dimensions: any size

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