Custom Digital Animal And Fantasy Art And Portraits

You can order from the following images or custom request your own Fantasy and Animal Digital Art! We use the following sizes, materials, and a mix of computer programs:

- 11"x14" Poster Satin Paper
- 16"x20" Poster Photo Paper
- 16"x20" Canvas

- Adobe Illustrator
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe InDesign

We can print on the following items for display...

- Posters ($30-$80)
- Canvas or Wrapped Canvas ($200- $500)
- Melamine Plates (10"x10") ($50)

Each custom design is worked on closely with the client in order to achieve the highest satisfaction with the final product and design. The client can request a custom order for their pet or any kind of animal of real or fantasy.

For Custom Pet Art: Please include the best or a collection of the best pictures of your pet for best results. We do ANY pet, from fur, scales, or feathers! Also include ANY additional information such as... background, colors, additional graphics, and wordings, all optional. We work with our clients closely to achieve the highest satisfaction and even understand that these requests are subject to being very personal and very special. As a result of this, we would like the client to include if they wish to allow their art design to be sold to the public. By default, all designs for the Custom Pet Art are privately sold to the requester and sold to no one else.

Here is our process... We work closely with you by researching images and carefully noting your request. What you want and how you want it is up to you, or you can let us do all of the process of design for you. Then we sketch out designs and go over the best ones in order to progress to the final stages on the computer. Once we have them finalized on the computer, we can suggest the best design or have you pick your favorite one for the final product. Then we print the final design and sent it to you!

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