Custom Figurine From Your Photo With Many Hand-Made Realistic Details -- Unique Gift For Your Lover

In order to make you feel more assured during the shopping trip, we are committed to finalize the design and deliver the good until you are satisfied. Otherwise, we will try our best to improve the design according to your suggestions for revision.
First-class service team is here to provide you with satisfactory service. After receiving the photo, we will work out the head prototype in 5 working days. And our customer support staff will contact you for improving the prototype.
Full-face photo of clear facial features is required as the main photo, a side photo as a reference is also needed. For the reason the designer can't meet the customer in reality, standard photos are required to make sure the similarity. We ask for:
1. The photo is a straight viewing angle with clear facial features, and with a smile one is better. It cannot be a head drop, head up or side face one.
2. A recent life photo is much better than a photo dealing with Photoshop or aesthetic treatment. Good or bad of the photo directly influence the similarity of the design. Providing a photo which shows the characteristics can make a more similar doll.
3. In the making process, the photos cannot be changed. We take one photo for standard and others for reference.
The Size of Statue and Charging Standard
1. The status made in our shop is usually 16 cm high, . In addition, we provide goods of private requirement such as a larger one or with a background. The price will change according to the complexity, please consult customer service staff for details.
2. A status is a personalized custom artwork, totally handmade, thus it may not meet all requirements. Because the good is custom-built, it cannot be sold to others. We can send photos to clients in the manufacturing process, if you are not satisfied we will modify prototype to go through several revisions not satisfied can apply directly for a refund, we will refund.
3. If an urgent require is claimed, we will charge an emergency fee according to the time required, please consult customer service staff for details.
Production cycle
1. We will finish the making process about 10~15 working days from the time we get the photo. The length of the transport time is depending on the distance between us, generally speaking, it will be 7-15 days.
The Reason for Choosing Us
1. Our status is with exquisite and delicate quality. Each artwork is made after elaborate with excellent quality and reasonable price!
2. We ensure the similarity, generally speaking, the similarity of our artworks can reach a 60%-90% similarity. Each artwork is completed after repeated revision.
4. We adopt high-quality polymer clay as our material, and it's water-proof, toughened, not easily deform faded and be out of shape with very good quality.
Status Maintain
1. Out status is water-proof and tough, it can be cleaned by brushes or washing by water. If you can't repair it yourself, please contact us for repair.
2. If the status is broken in carelessness, you can use glue to fix it. If you can't fix it by yourself, you can contact us for repair.
Transportation Expense
If you find something damaged at the time signing for express delivery, you may contact the customer service staff if you can't repair it. We are responsible for the repair work and bear the freight back and forth.

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