Custom Hand-Lettered Art Glass Poetry Or Wedding Vows Table Or Wall Art

Elegant and touching, these freestanding or frame mounted art pieces exude a feeling of having a secret only you (and maybe one other) know about. A poem, written by the artist (or, perhaps, your wedding vows, your own poetry, song lyrics, wedding proposal, your names & wedding date, whatever you want) lies under undulating layers of color and textural form. Each color appears to float above the color below it (pictures do not do these justice) for a truly 3-dimensional viewing experience. Your words lie beneath. Hold the piece up to the light and then you can read them. Place it back into it's display mount and your secret message lies hidden within for your private enjoyment. You choose the colors. You choose the size. You choose the message. I make your custom, one-of-a-kind-piece.

Each piece is mounted on a base of carved Travertine stone (suggested mounting) or mounted and suspended within a matted shadow box frame.

These pieces work very well for wedding proposals, vows, ring bearer plates that can then be used as vanity top jewelry holders, poetry display, Love letters, anniversary dates, birthday wishes, valentine's day gifts, baby announcements and more.

The poem in the example is my own and is as follows:

Love is like the wind,
Strong and wild enough to destroy
Yet gentle as a kiss.

Love is like water,
able to move mountains to the sea
Yet can slake the deepest thirst.

Love is like the earth,
As immense and varied as the highest mountain
Yet soft as the sand.

Love is like fire,
All consuming heat that bewitches in its dance
Taking the breath but lighting the way.

In all of it
Is you.

~Copyright April C. Hilland, 2013.

My Process:

We begin by establishing what you want. Each piece has 4 colors that I choose based upon their ability to "POP!" each layer out at the viewer for best effect. (A mix of light and dark shades works well, I've found.) I may ask you to send me a photo of the room in which you intend to display it so that we can come up with the best color scheme to match your decor. The size of the piece may rely on how much lettering you require but that is not always the case. For example, you can have bride and groom names with the wedding date below, with, say, one phrase from your vows, centered within a large piece. That would be so sweet, I think. Size, color and general shape are decided upon in this phase.Then, we'll work on the words that sweetly lay inside.

We decide on your wording: I am a singer songwriter, poet, artist and short story writer and I can help you with wedding vows, personalized poetry for a Loved one and more if need be. Or, I can write you a poem like the one above, with your custom themes, perhaps. These words and phrases can then be etched into the base layer of the piece.

I get to work: Four layers (sometimes 1-2 more, depending on design) of glass are cut into your desired shape and size. Each is then masked off and I cut your designs into the masking. I air brush a paint onto each sheet of glass in the desired design. Your words are etched into one of the panes and then all the panes are dusted with a very fine layer of glass dust and placed one on top of the other. The piece is then fired in my kiln up to 1,500 degrees. The four layers meld into one, one that has subtle ripples on the final surface. I use my glass saw to cut the edges off and then sand and polish all edges with 8 progressively finer sanding belts, finishing with bamboo for a truly glossy edge that shows all the layering. I carve a mounting notch into a 1 1/2" thick natural Travertine stone base and your piece is ready to be shipped!

Alternatively, your piece can be mounted into a matted frame for an additional fee. For a truly impressive piece, the piece can be suspended in front of a diffused LED light source that can be AC or DC, mounted in front of a mat within a shadow display box. Please contact me for more details. My gallery pieces fit this last description and are priced accordingly.

Prices can go higher than those quoted below. I am pricing this listing based upon the 4-color, 4-layer example, a 4.5" x 12.5" piece, to be mounted on the stone base. Custom poetry or help with wedding vows by myself may include an small up-charge but only if it takes me a lot of time. I really want you to have a special piece at a fair price so I never price gouge.

I keep my clients up to date with choices by sending photos along the way to make sure that we're on the same page. My goal is to make you something truly extraordinary and personal that will last you a lifetime of pleasure and enjoyment. Thank you for considering me as your artist.

~April C. Hilland

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