Custom Large Side Table | 100 Year Old Minnesota Oak

This piece is from about a hundred year old oak tree that grew on a 160 year old family farm in Buffalo MN. It measures 21'' Tall x 20" Wide and weighs about 205 lb. Yikes! (who needs a gym membership when you can work with stuff like this) :) This tree had fallen a few years ago and had started to decay on some of the edges. I had to do a fair about of carving in order to get down to a usable finished surface. Because this table is so big, it forced me to spend many many hours covered in saw dust from all of the sanding. Every square inch was finely detailed and made smooth. In the last stage of sanding you can clearly begin to see the tree ring layers on the surface. Beautiful! I used a Dark Walnut finish as desired by this tables new owner. This finish created some really cool contrasts on the top and sides. It was a real joy to work on a piece that has such heritage! -Micah

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